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Reserve Reimbursement Update

Sunset Ridge Patio Home Assn

Sunset Ridge Patio Home Assn - Patio Reserve Reimbursement Update

Dear Sunset Ridge Owners:

The Patio Reserve rebates owed to owners have seen a delay from our original time estimate of February and we apologize for that. However, we are happy to inform residents that we are on track to have the refunds sent to owners within the month of April. Refunds will be prorated based on how long the property has paid into the Patio Association. We will notify the Association members when checks have been issued.

Thank you,
Premier Management Company
Sunset Ridge HOA



Pond Fishing - Fountains

It has come to our attention that the fountain off of Princessa Court has a burnt out pump due to fishing line being caught around the shaft of the pump. As a result of this discovery, we ask that all individuals please do not fish near the pumps of any fountain in any ponds within the subdivision. Additionally, please do not bottom fish on any ponds that have fountains. Bottom fishing can cause hooks to be caught on cables and lead to exposed wires. Anyone in violation of these rules will be asked to cease the activity and may further be called to a hearing where fines may be considered. We are working through various options to address the fountain situation near Princessa Court.

Thank you,

Premier Management & Sunset Ridge HOA

Clubhouse Closure

Sunset Ridge Master Assn

Sunset Ridge Master Assn - Clubhouse Closure



Hello Sunset Ridge Residents. Spring approaches. Time for planting for future enjoyment.
For the past month the Transition Team Members have been meeting with the Chairs and members of the Volunteer Committees that work on behalf of the community. We still have some to complete with a target of the end of this month.


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Architectural Review Committee

"The Architectural Review Committee's purpose is to preserve and enhance the value as well as the harmony of properties within the Sunset Ridge Association. It is the responsibility of every homeowner to know and abide by the rules and regulations of the current covenants and amendments of the community. A project should never be started prior to ARC approval. Any owner that starts an exterior improvement prior to ARC approval will receive a $100 fine. Owners will also be required to appear for a hearing and may be required to change work already completed at the owner's expense.  Should you have any questions or concerns about the ARC review process or the Sunset Ridge Master HOA Guide, please contact the Association Manager, Teri Losaw at Teri@PremierManagementNC.com or at 910-679-3012 x 717."

Bus Trips & Theater Trips

Listed below are a few bus day trips.  As long as 10 people sign up from Sunset Ridge, the bus can pick us up at the Club House.  All one day tours payable by check to Carolina Travel.  Please call 910- 579-9638            



BRIGHT STAR - Musical  4/19/20

Hobcaw Barony/Hopsewee Plantation  4/17

Brookgreen Plantation 4/17

A Day in Raleigh 5/16



Please be mindful of your speed while driving in the community.  While there aren't many children in the neighborhood, the main access roads, Bonaventure & Ascension, (and other roads) do have children residing there.  Numerous complaints have been received.   Please slow down before someone gets hurt.

Most of our residents are retired................what's the hurry?


updated 09/23/2019 4:50pm



updated 07/29/2019 10:40am

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Did you know that you can get discounts and activity updates just by utilizing the "useful website links" and signing on to some of the sites listed? 

For instance, Barefoot Landing.  Sign up for their  Preferred Member card and use it when purchasing items at participating shops.

Did you know there is an app/website for discounts at local restaurants?  Just go to www.restaurant.com/

Did you know that there is a Chocolate Walk every February in Conway?  Go to the "useful website links" listed under Resident Info and click on Conway Activities.

If you're having out of town guests, did you know you could just go to the Local Interest Sites area on the "useful website links" and see what's happening around the area?  Get the schedule for fireworks at Broadway at the Beach, all the street fairs and concerts for North Myrtle Beach, etc. 

And if there is a site you know of that isn't listed, please let us know and we'll add it on! Evidently we did not know!




Weather Apps

updated 04/23/2019 11:03am

Here is a weather app that you can download onto your phone or computer for Sunset Ridge weather, courtesy of resident Rich Damato


United States Flag Etiquette

updated 10/24/2018 3:41pm




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Fertilization MSDS sheets can be found on the bulletin board in the clubhouse hallway and can also be accessed by the link below.


MSDS Sheets - W G Herbicide

MSDS Sheets - Broadleaf Herbicide

Transition Committee Schedule


(During Clubhouse Closure)


Thanks to resident Rich Damato, Sunset Ridge has its own weather station. 




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