updated 03/13/2020 5:43pm
Hello Sunset Ridge Residents. Spring approaches. Time for planting for future enjoyment.
For the past month the Transition Team Members have been meeting with the Chairs and members of the Volunteer Committees that work on behalf of the community. We still have some to complete with a target of the end of this month.

In the files from the first Transition Team meeting held is a Power Point presentation that outlines the process we are following. The investigative phase is speaking to the Chairs to determine the good, the bad, and the ugly of the jobs they perform today on our behalf. The purpose is to seek improvement in processes they use and the rules they work with every day in their function.

The Transition team is now assembling that list of issues and is preparing them for roll out to the community in the form of focus groups. Outside of the conversations some homeowners have had with members of the Transition team; this is the first opportunity for community input on a larger scale.

SO: We are now asking for members of the community to volunteer to help us with
participation in the focus groups.

What do I have to do in a focus group? Participate to offer your opinion on the topic presented in a
constructive way. This is a process that seeks broad solutions for the community as a whole. The process is not intended to remedy any individual issues you may be involved with. We seek to attempt to minimize future issues based upon the history and facts presented.

How much is the time commitment? Focus groups will be targeted to be one hour in length and likely to be held in the early evening hours so those in the community who work full time can participate. Some may be during the day. The community clubhouse will be the focus group meeting location. Depending upon the  volunteer response; you may or may not sit on multiple different Focus groups.

Are there any requirements? To participate; you must be a homeowner in Sunset Ridge as defined by having your name on the deed for the property. Each household can only have one participant in each Focus Group to represent the Lot. The purpose of this is to align with the By-Laws of one vote per household.

Interested? Please contact Doug Elliot directly by phone, email, or a stop by; or by an email to Premier Management. 
Doug email: 140thnyvi@gmail; cell:(585)313-1655; 7034 Ascension Drive.
PM email:

Finally, what’s next? At the conclusion of the focus group stage; the Transition team will create proposals on processes and rules. Those proposals will be presented to the current Board at BCH and PM. The proposals if approved
will be the content used to solicit more community input in the form of a survey(s). The hope is that all households will participate in the survey phase.

Finally, for real this time! We’d like to thank Doug Elliot, Joe Wirth, Lee Booher, Pam Doute, Pete Dolan, Rich Ferrara, and Rob from PM for their work to date. A lot of hours are being put in to ensure the job is done thoroughly and that the community voice is heard. So, please sign up to help us!

Your Transition Committee Team
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